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Namaste Tower

Mumbai, India is about to unveil a gorgeous new skyscraper to the world. Designed by Atkins Design Studio for W Hotel, the Namaste Tower aims to become a landmark structure, representing the burgeoning economic and cultural significance of India. The 62-story, 984-sq-ft tall building, which is currently under construction, will include a hotel, office and retail space. The traditional Indian greeting of “Namaste,” where the hands are clasped together, is the inspiration for the design of the tower. In Sanskrit “Namaste” means I bow to you.” It has a spiritual significance of negating one’s ego in the presence of another.

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Bapst Art Library, Boston College.

The library contains over 51,000 volumes and exhibits students’ artwork throughout the year.

Amazing American Gothic style architecture. Books deserve such a fantastic home. And yes, I wish I could live here.